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I am building a home.  I have leather living room furniture in beige.  My carpet will be beige as well.  That's a LOT of beige.  What color options can I consider for the living room walls?  There is not really a break in the wall - it continues to the kitchen, dining room and up the stairway to the second floor.

Hi Becky,
        I wasn't sure if you liked or disliked so much beige :) But my method for choosing colours for rooms that blend into each other will work for any colour you like. I chose Glidden cards 3R6, 3R7, and 3R8. Take the colour you like for the living room, in this case I chose Indian corn (20YY 65/285 )from card 6. Then I chose the third one down on card 7 which is daystar (25YY 62/353) and finally from card 8 elephant grass (10YY 65/285). Any colours from these three cards would work well together eg Indian corn would work just as well with vanilla and sugar sand. Hope this helps :) If you need anything else, just ask.

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