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i want to paint my kitchen but the walls are paneling,i cannot afford to put up drywall what can i do . i have three dogs and they get very excited when someone comes to the door, well they have scatched the wall so bad they they have big indents into the drywall, what can i put there to stop them from marking the wall. now my kitchen cupboards are white and i would like to change them without changing the problem is my husband just died and i think i am going to have to sell the place .please help me with my problems.

Hi Margaret,
         First, let me offer my condolences on your loss.
       Now, about your walls. You can paint over paneling, or wallpaper it. There are now wallpapers that you can paint, like the Victorian anaglypta and lincrusta ancestors. A textured wallpaper will hide the wall's defects. The process is an involved one for both painting and papering options, but I think you'll find it worth the while especially if you need to sell.
    The cabinets can be refaced, or if they are flat you could add molding and wallpaper inside the frame. If they have detail already you could repaint and paper the panel as I mentioned above.
  There is a product available called "soft paws" that was invented by a vet and sells for less than $20 that you might like to try to solve the scratching problem. It's available online, or your local vet will probably be able to help you find some where you are.
  Hope this helps, all the best,

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