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QUESTION: hello,

We just purchased a pair of sofa because we felt we gained 1 extra seat for a 20$ price difference. The furniture will be delivered on Thursday and as I am browsing on Internet I am getting more and more uncertain of our choice. Why does everyone seem to purchase sofa and love seat? Is their something I don't know about this? Our living room is very big, 21X15, although we have a section for the children's toy, we still have a big part for the sitting area and my husband and I thought since we don't have a chair and can't afford one right now, it would be a good idea to get 2 sofas instead of sofa and love seat. Will that look weird? I guess I could always call in early in the week and change my order. I was thinking of putting one parallele to each walls, which would mean it would make a 90 degree angle with the two. Will it look unproportion? Our thinking was to move them face to face when we receive company, sine we enjoy having friends over. I really need advice on this one. tks!

ANSWER: Hi Anne,
No, you did not make a mistake.  If you have the room, 2 sofas is definitely a smart move.  It does give you more seating.  What is the focal point in the room?  Do you have a fireplace?  Try pulling the furniture into the middle of the room and placing it on an angle toward the fireplace.  Instead of the traditional L, it offers an element of surprise and really makes a room more cozy. Try placing a console table, bench, or desk behind with a lamp on it for additional lighting.  Some  people say that having the sofas facing each other is actually a confrontational seating arrangement and can make people feel uncomfortable.  It may actually hinder entertaining.  You could try it sometime as an experiment and see if this holds true.
I think you are good to go with the 2 sofas.  Let me know how you make out!

Kim Boyer

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Tks so much for your reply. I guess my concern was that my room is not as deep as it is wide. It is 15X21. Their is a 6 feet opening entrance with a piano when you walk in on the left wall which is the focal point. Then you have 15 feet on your right, totaling 21 feet horizontal and 15 feet deep vertical to the entrance. On the left wall where the piano is, right pass the piano, their is a cubbie 6X4 also half walls, where the children toys are. When you walk in the wall facing the entrace is all windows and I definitely wanted to put a sofa parralele to that, which would face the Tv (we are not fans of Tv, but it's there) the wall facing the windows is actually a half wall you could call it (like you would see in an attic) So we have the Tv on a small Tv Bench. When you walk in the living room the wall on your far right has a computer desk in the right corner and I was thinking to put the other sofa beside, again parallele to that wall which would do the traditionnal L shape. Unless I find another layout that would Aww me, I was thinking to sticking to the L Shape, since, it gives me the 90 degree angle to put the end table also one sofa would face Tv, the other one would face Piano. Also by putting my furniture closer to walls and windows, it gives me a bigger middle part. The furniture is coming in Thursday and I have been scratching my head. I still doubt the 2 sofa thing, because I can't picture it, right now our old furniture that's there is a sofa parallele to the windows (facing wall of the entrance), and a love seat on the right (beside cpu desk) and a chair in the middle actually facing the left entrance and the piano and the TV. So it's like a L but with a curve to it.  Since my right wall is not as long and also has the cpu desk in the corner, will it look weird to have a sofa the same length as the other one? Also if I ever want to add another chair. Tks for your help.

ANSWER: Hi Anne,
Please send over some photos to  I'll be able to give you a better answer after I see what is going on in the room.  Don't sweat it, it will be fabulous!  

Kim Boyer

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Wow I am impress by your visualizing skills! The sketch you sent me is dead on. You really figured out my living room. The one thing is that the room is not as deep as on the sketch, and my furniture will be big: 92 inch long and 39 inch deep each sofa, so I checked with a measuring tape and it might not be possible to make the V centered with the windows. Actually with my measurements and my eyes, it almost seem like it would be a 120 degree angle that I would have to make instead with 2 sofas because of the deepness of the living room. That angle would not be the best for company. With a V I think it would actually run into the play area if I do that. Again that is where I was wondering about the sofa love seat thing instead of 2 sofas. I could have rotated the V a bit clock wise and have the center, more in the corner of my living room. I guess I could still do that with 2 sofas. The only way to know that is to wait for my furniture and actually try it. I have 2 days after tomorrow to change my mind about the 2 sofas versus sofa-love seat if I need to. The other little thing is concerning the study area on the sketch. If you look again on my pictures, that little wall is only big enough for a book case, 3 feet wide. So I am not sure what you mean about putting the computer desk there. Perhaps beside the half wall behind the sofa? Last thing, for now we don't have a chair, hopefully we will sometime in the near future, but for now, what about leaving the computer desk where it is? I am totally open to changing it, I am just wondering what you think. I feel like I have a "vision" now for my living room and I want to thank you for that. I tend to be a little stuck sometimes in my ways and as small of a change as it may seem, you just opened up something new for me! And that's what I was looking for. I will definitely try your layout and if it's ok once it's set up I might send you one last picture to figure out how the V should be placed.  Again tks for your great and quick service. If anything, my husband is very thankful for you, I now can ask you the questions instead of him, he said his headach is slowly going away. haha! tks again.

Just give it a try, of course the V can be altered to accommodate the space but if you have 15' across, it still should work.  Of course you can keep the computer desk where it is.  I just thought it would be a quiet area flanking the back of the sofa (don't put it against the wall)and the pole lamp would add the task lighting necessary for that area.  Play around with it and most of all have fun!  Let me know, I can't wait to hear!

Kim Boyer

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