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QUESTION: I have a very small and narrow bedroom and don't know how to decorate and furnish it.The room is 6m by 2.4m. There is a window in the middle of the left narrow wall. At the end of the room there is a mall bathroom which includes a shower, basin and toilet.

ANSWER: Hi Nicole!
         I came across some more ideas about decorating your bedroom. Do you have a beautiful piece of art or furniture? Showcase it on one of the shorter walls. You can also use a strong, saturated color on one of the short walls and carry it into the bath using a lighter tint of the color on the short wall of the bedroom. If the room has a low ceiling paint it a light colour or put a corice molding around the wall where it joins the ceiling. You could also try a vertical stripe wallpaper that will increase the space between the floor and ceiling, but this may not work well in a narrow room. Hope this helps. Continued success,

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QUESTION: Dear Norah
Thank you so much for all your advice. We have just bought this duplex and the bedroom is actually for my 29 year old daughter who still lives with us. If I can take some photos of the room, can I email them to you? The photos will be of the room as it is now before we break the internal walls to make it slightly longer.(The drawing I sent you is as the room will look after we break the interior walls).Do you think we should buy a bed with storage drawers underneath? I'm so worried that the room is too narrow. Thanks again, Regards,

Certainly, Nicole that would be great. And I'd love to see the finished room, too:) Perhaps you would consider allowing me to add them to my portfolio?
 To answer the bed question. Extra storage is always a good idea. In a narrow room like your daughter's bedroom walking space around the bed would already be at a premium and a large dresser would be overwhelming. Since there is no closet a bed with storage underneath would be an excellent idea. You might also want to consider a low chest of drawers to serve as a night table to provide for a lamp etc. as well as storage.

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