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I am in the process of purchasing my first home and I am dead set on finally having a great room that all matches and flows!  I have a red couch, and a black tv/entertainment center and bookshelf and a small white end table.  The room has a fireplace with windows on both sides of it.  I am not sure what color to paint the walls/fireplace/window coverings as everything is a beige color right now.  Also, should I keep all of the furniture (coffee and end tables and other chairs in the room) black or is it ok to add some white pieces as well?  Also, I am a recent college grad and with buying a house, I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I love making things and wouldn't mind any DIY projects that could help save money, and make the room more personal.

I am really excited for a black white and red theme, but I want it to be warm and inviting and not too clutered with concepts!  


Great thoughts Natalie, and congrats on purchasing your first home.  Consider painting the room in my favorite taupe - Toasty Grey by Glidden.  It's wonderful with red, black and white and has a richness that you'll never achieve with white or off-white walls.  

What you're looking for is a repeating red, black and white, so as you purchase things or build things, stay within that color palette.  For instance, your red couch could be paired with some black chairs.  Tables can be white or black, but I'd suggest picking one or the other and not combining white tables with black tables.  What you want is for the look to be "intentional" and well thought out.  

White draperies with black band tie backs would be quite smart, and look especially good against the taupe wall.  Keep them tailored - not frilly.

Add some white accents to the space in small ways - photo frames, candles and candle holders, vases etc.  A couple of pillows in white with black bands (and a touch of red ribbon) would be very gorgeous on your red couch, and tie in with the drapery treatments.  

You can always find great deals on furniture at antique stores or charity outlets.  Recovering may be something you could tackle (chairs) and painting furniture that has good bones is always a great do-it-yourself project (tables to paint black).  

Good luck.

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