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Hi Sandy-This may not be your area of expertise, but I read that you frequent flea markets.  I was given a beautiful, carved, wood chair years ago by by ex's mom.  I have no clue if it's an antique or reproduction, but I've been researching online until my brain's bleeding without success.  Any suggestions as to the best way to identify styles of old furniture?  I can't take it to an appraiser, but I would love to find out what I have.  Thanks much for any help.  Skelly

Hi Skelly,
Thanks for writing. While this isn't necessarily my area of expertise, I thought I would give you some avenues perhaps you haven't gone down yet.  The first idea I had requires bring the picture of your chair to an Antique Store or Antique Show in your area.  While they may not be able to appraise it for you, they can certainly tell you what period it is, and perhaps recommend an appraiser that can come to your home.  There may be a slight fee for the travel etc for such appraiser, but I think it would be worth it if they tell you it's worth a lot of money.  If that is the case, and you don't intend to sell it, make sure you have it insured properly.
Ok, the second idea is back to the internet; via
They may have a question and answer area such as we do for the experts.
Good luck.  It's a great looking chair.  Lots of character.

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