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Hello Jenny,
I am in need of a color specialist!  I bought a beautiful brick ranch home last fall.  I feel the need to paint it (trim and doors) this spring.  It has a tall roof in the center, due to high ceilings in the great room and has a large presence even though it's a ranch. The front door is a lead glass oak door, stained lightly.  The garage door and trim are painted a light beige. There are two large windows in the front of the house in a high arch shape.  I feel the house looks bare and would like to frame those windows with black shutters and paint the front door black as well, since it is over 10 years old and we live in a very dry climate, the wood is dried out.  My question is...  Can I paint the garage door black as well?  The brick is a dark red (not bright) and the mortar is very dark, almost charcoal.  I think that it would look classy, especially with the new shutters, and I would like to put two new large brass lights on each side of the garage door as well.  I would like to paint the trim work too, but I'm not sure at all what would look good.  Will the light beige look ok with black, or should I do something different?  Like a taupe or even a light charcoal?  I am so confused, it's not an interior room, so it's very hard to imagine.
I would be interested in any advice or insight you may have.  I would like to add, I dislike having my garage door on the front of my house and that is why I'm interested painting it a darker color, so that it will be less obvious!
Thanks again, I look forward to reading your comments.
Sincerely confused,

Hi Deanna,

Thanks for your questions, and for giving me all the basic information I needed to give you an answer that will work for you.  Typically, I tell people to paint their garage doors the same color as the house, so that it will not be so obvious.  In your case, painting the door black or even charcoal is a great idea.  Speaking of which, I think you'll be happier with your shutters painted charcoal rather than black.  Pair that with a rich taupe for the trim work and it will be a beautiful combination.  

My favorite taupe is Glidden's Toasty Grey.  It's beautiful with dark shades and really has an elegant look and feel to it.  It contains a good amount of pigment in lamp black, so pairing it with red tones and black tones make it extraordinary.

If you want to, you can select yet another color for your front door - or stick with the charcoal like the shutters.

Sounds like the curb appeal will certainly go up!


PS:  Glidden paints are sold at Home Depot as well as Glidden retail outlets.

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