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Hemingway Master  
Help! I'm so glad I found you! Please see attached photo of my wannabe be Hemingway inspired master bedroom.  I love the furniture, but need help making the rest of the room POP! It's a long rectangular room, with oddly placed windows.  On one of the walls, on the longer rectangular side, has 5 doors! The bed and the dresser are opposite each other on the short walls.  Can you help me make this a classic retreat?

You're off to a great start with the bed and I assume the dresser is the same style.  The first thing I'd do is cozy it up a bit by flipping the bed to the perpendicular wall where the two windows are.  Center the headboard between those two windows, and add a sheer fabric to the center of that rod to connect the side panels.  

I'd also opt for some greenery.  If you're not a green-thumbed person, invest in some beautiful silk trees that are island-inspired; banana leaves, palms etc. and add those (at least two) to the corners of your room with up-lights beneath.  Use a low-watt bulb in each to cast a beautiful glow up through the branches.  

While it's hard to envision 5 doors on the long wall, you'll need something interesting there to break up that space.  Again, plants can be your friend....hanging ferns or ferns atop wood or stone pedestals positioned between the doors maybe?

Lastly, I'd warm up the room even more with a large rug.  Let the foot of the bed rest on 1/3 of it, and the rest lay out in the space.  It will make the bed more of a focal point than it already is.  

Two other things is to add a pop of color -- perhaps a strong shade of green or even an orangey nutmeg; the other is to invest in some sturdier curtain rods.  The ones you have are sagging at the weight of the draperies (Sorry...) and add some sheer fabric between the heavy drapes.  


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