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I took your advice and painted all my walls toasty grey, including my wee kitchen, which features a white refrigerator and stove. On one small angled wall, I put a grouping of three plates (for nostalgic reasons!) : one is bright orange, another is bright yellow, and the third is bright royal blue. They do look good against the toasty grey. My kitchen cabinets are white, but I suspect that either they have to be painted in a different color or SOME THING  has to be done to accommodate the plates' vivid colors. Please help.

Thanking you in advance,

ANSWER: All right Ruth - way to go with the paint!  What I'd suggest you do is add more bright blue to the space - cobalt will be the closest color you can find in the way of accessories, and carrying that (as well as the yellow and/or orange) through the space will pull it all together.  

I don't necessarily think you need to paint the white cabinets.  I'd wait until you add some splashes of color (taken from the plates) throughout.  Even small touches - s&p shakers, trivets, bowls etc. will really add some punches of color.  Don't forget, you can always use fresh (yellow) flowers (or silk) in a beautiful blue vase for some real drama.

Go for it.

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QUESTION: Many thanks, Jenny, for getting in touch with me so QUICKLY. I forgot to mention that the hutch, which sits above the white stove  -and next to my cupboards -was freshly painted white only a couple of months ago, but already the vents have turned yellowish eventhough I do wipe this clean every day. Soooo, I want to paint the hutch a different color. The cupboard above is white, and it , too, is showing signs of yellow. And since the kitchen is truly extremely small, with very little counter top space, the only thing I can paint aside from the hutch and cabinets is my canister set, which is currently white. Perhaps, I could paint those blue or should I paint each one a different color? All those questions...sorry. But I do appreciate your clever ideas. Thank you, Jenny.


You can certainly paint the hutch, but regardless of the paint color you'll probably still have the normal kitchen "yellows".  You may want to paint it the same color as the walls (toasty grey) to make it visually disappear.  If you plan to add color through your canisters, paint them in the same colors as your plates, and yes - they can each be different colors, orange, yellow, blue.  It will coordinate well with your plates and make everything "fit" together nicely.  

If you opt to paint your cabinets, consider a dark blue.  While your kitchen may be tiny, that color would make an impact.  Whatever color you paint your cabinets, put on a top coat of non-yellowing polyeurthane.  It will say non-yellowing on the can, is clear when it dries and will make the "yellows" a thing of the past.


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