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Hello, I recently & unexpectedly moved to a new home after purchasing furniture less than a year ago. I now have an L shape area and cannot get it to look nice! First, the vertical :) side of the L is the LR,  ft long; lrge entertainment cntr @ end as focus and sectional facing it. Walkway on the left and window on right side. VERY tall cielings. Problem: left side/walkway bare! (entrance to lr from the corner point of "L" so LR is to the right. I need to place desk & chair, sectional & entertainment center there. I also have a large bar height table for 6 but the end of the"L" has sliding glass doors and it looks bare. We will not be using the galss doors, window treatment? Help, i am not good at this. Additionally, from the short end of the L to the glass doors, there is a brak in the wall leading to another room which complicates things!


Whew! There is a lot going on in there. It's hard to get a sense of the space without dimensions, but I will do my best.

Let's start with the table end: if privacy is not an issue, I would use floor length curtains on either side of the sliding doors - a warm color (that goes with your decor) would go a long way toward making the space look less bare. Mount the rod above the door casing to give some more height - just be certain the curtains touch the floor. Is there a light fixture over the table? If there isn't, I would consider adding one - even if it's just a candle holding one - to give the space a little definition.

The other side: I see your dilemma.  First, consider adding a sofa table behind the arm of the sectional that extends into the room - or, could the desk serve that purpose. You want the back of the sofa to look welcoming as opposed to a wall that tells guests to "keep out". If you  add some vertical elements to this - lamp, plant - it will help draw the eye up.

Treat that blank wall as a gallery!  A great spot for similarly framed pictures of the kids, pets, your stamp collection - whatever. Target (or even Kmart) have very nice simple frames with plain matting available. Hang a few in a row - and voila! Your own gallery!

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