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Our living room is narrow - 19' X 8 1/2' with one wall all glass looking out to the lake and an opening to the room from the right corner to a half wall which is about 9 feet in open space.  Also on the left side wall there is a wall mounted TV (sticks out from wall about 7 inches).  I would like some suggestions about furniture placement.  HELP - also decorate in Arts and Crafts style.  Presently we have two chairs on the right end side wall.  Modular seating going from back wall to left corner and down left corner wall.  The modular is a problem due to the TV sticking out of the wall so thinking of a couch on the back wall and putting a chair in the corner of the left hand wall towards the wall of glass.  Glass wall is 3 sliding glass doors each 6 feet long.  Also thinking of using wood blinds on the windows to control the light in the summer and winter.  Again - HELP with the placement of furniture and any other suggetions.  drawing attached for clarification

Hi Kim,

A view of the lake? Sounds lovely! I didn't get a drawing with this question - so I sketched it out using the information you provided. Essentially, you have a three wall room with two focal points, one obvious - the view, and the other - the TV. I think you're on the right track with a different upholstered sofa on the rear wall on the TV side of the room. I might put a large mirror over this sofa to double your gorgeous view and give the illusion of width to the space. I would also consider two chairs across from the sofa - think Mission here - a wooden, open backed chair with an upholstered seat. This pair of chairs could be angled slightly into the room. This will help define the "TV side" of the space. I realize this places them in front of the window, but because you have such a long expanse of glass, I'm not concerned. Anchor this seating area with an area rug. On the right side, I think I would retain the pair of chairs located here, and think of this as a reading area - make sure you have a good lamp! When you say you're considering wooden blinds, I assume you mean for the   sliding doors. I would advise against that, primarily because a wooden blind of that size can get heavy. I would recommend using a curtain - a simple tab top would be just fine and in keeping with your clean style. I would also consider mounting the hardware above the sliding doors a bit to create some verticality in an otherwise long room. Good luck with your space - I hope this information was helpful.


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