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Hi there.  My husband and I are moving into a small 1 bedroom apartment, and we were told we are allowed to paint.  I have problems with depression, and the color of a room really changes my mood BIG TIME.  I am most joyful in Blues and Yellows.  My husband loves the color green, and we both kind of agree on a Tannish/Off white/Brown color as the natural earthy tone.  We don't want to paint every wall... we are leaving the ceilings and baseboards white (should we repaint baseboards?) and we want to know which walls we should paint, and what colors.  Does it make sense to do each room a different color? or should we stick to one color throughout the whole house?  I was thinking of doing our bedroom light blue, the living room light green, and the bathroom yellow.  I don't know, it seems to extravagant and we both have no fashion sense.  I wanted to make the bathroom look like a sunny beach, but i also want to go cheap and subtle (we are doing walmart brand paint, its all we can afford).  And then there's the whole picking furniture to match the paint.  What are your thoughts?

Hi Nicole!

Thanks for the question! I don't see anything wrong with painting those rooms the colors you chose (and enjoy). The key to a cohesive look is to make sure the colors have the same tone - so if you're choosing a soft blue and a soft green, also go with a soft yellow. You can acheive that "sunny" look by going with an intense yellow - but one that is still soft. Think "scrambled eggs" as opposed to raw egg yolk. Don't bother with the baseboard. I might also consider hanging up a picture of a sunny beach!!

If you're concerned about the cost of painting all those rooms, first focus on the ones you spent the most time in.

As far as the furniture is concerned, I would stick with the neutral color you described above for upholstered pieces and then just pick up the wall colors in throw pillows. Sticking with neutral colors for big pieces give you the opportunity to update your look as time goes by with accessories. That's a much less expensive option than replacing big ticket items!

Best of luck in your new home!!


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