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QUESTION: hi i need help with my livingroom...i have a taupe colored couch and loveseat with dark cherry wood tables...i need a coordinating color(s) that would help me create a theme for my livingroom let alone home...please help

ANSWER: Hi Carolyn -

It sounds like you've got a great start - a nice neutral sofa and loveseat. You can really go in nearly any color direction you like. I like to start with a fabric to direct my color choices - when you're shopping mass-market places, it's often easier to find a pillow you like, for example, and then match paint, than finding a pillow to match a specific paint color. So here's what I would do if I were you  - go and find an accessory you like - maybe it's a favorite art print, or a throw pillow. Ideally, your sofa color would be represented in there, but with taupe , it's not essential. Then, pull another color from that same item - and make it the wall color. Pick another color - the "strongest" color - a make that your accent. That's the color for your throw pillows, and maybe a piece of pottery. I prefer to have my curtains blend into the wall in terms of color, but provide a little interest in terms of texture - so if everything else in the room is highly textured, I might go will a "smoother" window covering fabric.

Remember to carry around bits of the fabrics and paint chips that you like so that you never have to guess if something is the color you're looking for.

In terms of your "whole house" scheme - think of it as music. No matter what the song, there's always a common denominator that carries throughout the music - that rhythm is what makes a song cohesive. The same goes for your house - you don't have to paint every room the same color, you're just trying to develop a rhythm. In my home, I generally carry green and blue - in a particular shade - throughout. In the formal living room, the green is represented in some upholstered pieces, as is the blue. In the dining room, the green finds it's way to the walls, and the blue is hinted at in a piece of artwork - and so on. I chose to paint nearly every room a color from one of two palettes - Benjamin Moore 225-231, and 232-238. These range from a neutral taupe to a deep moss green. While the rooms all have a distinct personality, they all flow together. The key is rhythm.

Don't be afraid to trust your instincts and use a little color!

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Good luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you so much...i had in mind cinnamon(wall color) and chocolate(tables) with silver accents...or how about red(wall color) and chocolate(tables) with white accents...just dont know which would be easier to paint back to white if i dont like it

Hi Carolyn,

I would go with the cinnamon walls. Red, while it can be beautiful, can be a tough wall color unless you get exactly the right shade - I know, I've painted at least three shades on my dining room walls in the past! I think you can find some amazing red accessories that will look great - red throw pillows on the sofa, for example!!  

I'm happy to help!


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