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QUESTION: We are looking for suggestions for wall color and we arenít afraid of color (liking the deep & luxurious family of colors by CIL), although we donít know exactly what are our style is??  We are in a fairly new home with white baseboards and ceiling; the floors are a light oaky laminate.  We have an open concept with our living room, dining room and kitchen, and all these rooms get a lot of sunlight.  I attempted to attach a picture of these rooms as well, but was unable.
In the kitchen, the cabinets are light oak as well and the countertops are a lighter grey with some speckles.  Our appliances are stainless steel.  Our current kitchen table is a light pine (do you see the trend here?).  Our living room furniture is a dark burgundy leather couch, sage green chaise and dark brown coffee/end tables.  
We would like to have an accent wall (long wall connecting living to dining room) and we like either the Pepper Spice or Cigar brown by CIL.  What would be a good color to use on other walls?  Do you have any other color combination suggestions?  Also, would it work if I used the accent wall color on the kitchen backsplash as well?

ANSWER: Hi Trina,
        I need some more information from you, as I can't find the colour either on the site or my software program. I also checked my sample file where I found every spice to be had except pepper! And Cigar brown seems to be absent all together, although I know I've seen it. So if you could give me the card number, 3R2,5L7, etc, or even the reference # (the one that has YY,RR,etc.)I can answer your question.
       Sorry about the delay,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again,

Thanks for your response.  I got these chips from Home Depot (deep & luxurious CIL color family).  The card # for Pepper Spice is DL44 (90YR 18/177), while Cigar is DL15 (00YY 12/279). For a lighter brown on this accent wall, we also like Toast Brown (80YR/16/193) and Timberline(90YR/25/323)from CIL.  I also forgot to mention the curtains in our living room are chocolate brown too.  I have looked at a color wheel and see that blues or grey-blues contrast/complement well with browns, but we don't have anything really in blues for our furniture.  Would this matter?

If possible, I had another question about wall color for our downstairs rec room. It's a big open room with a free-standing wood stove at one end, which we wanted to make an accent wall too. Our furniture is sage, green and light brown.  We like either French Grape (76RR 08/316) or Drumbeat Red (00YR 08/409) for the accent wall, and wondered about a greyish-green for other walls (like Great Desert 30YY 33/145).  Would these complement well or do you have any other color combination suggestions?  
Again, thank you so much

Hi Trina,
       Well, after a long search and great manipulation of websites, I was able to locate the pepper spice! :) It is very similar to the cigar brown isn't it? Or at least on my screen it is :) I like the spice, over the cigar out of those two choices. You mentioned blues as well and I think wild water 30BB 08/25 or capital blue 30BB 18/190  are quite nice. Adding a spot of blue to the room is easy--look to lampshades, pillows, and vases. If staying with a lighter brown I would suggest the toast brown. And yes, it would look perfectly fine to use the accent on the kitchen backsplash, this will join the two rooms together with colour.

Now, to your other question. I really like the drumbeat. Look at it with gravel pit 50GG 40/064,whistler 50GG 55/049,grey leaf 50GG 63/042,or Kentucky blue 3GG 43/119.
  Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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