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QUESTION: Our livingroom has "honey blonde" hardwood floors with white trim on doors and windows and fireplace.  We have four pieces of "dark brown" leather furniture. One wall has the fireplace and two windows. I have found fabric with
the greatest green and teal with some of the chocolate brown in it.  I love both the colors, and would like to use this fabric for throw pillows, but I am worried about the wall color. I want the color to be warm and inviting, but also fun as I have 3 boys and we really "LIVE" in our livingroom. Should all four walls be done the same?..two and two? the teal too "cool" for a livingroom?..
Please help! ps. We have no overhead light in this room, just two lamps.

ANSWER: Hi Julie,
        Those colours are wonderful! :) For wall colour, you can go with any of those--look at pepper squash 45YY 52/572; whole wheat 80YR 44/311; siesta sky 70BG 67/126, or Bentley blue 90BG 20/241. All colours are CIL/Glidden but can be mixed by any dealer using the reference numbers. Hope this helps, and good luck :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Norah, Thanks for the amazingly quick reply!
I am having trouble finding any of the paint colors that you have suggested. I have looked under CIL/Glidden and also under ICI and searched by # and name of color.  I have only done this on-line, not in store.  Also, should the color I pick go on all walls...I am leaving all trim and fireplace white with only the walls colored with a few accent pieces.(eg.pillows)   Thanks again for your advice.

Hi Julie,
        Sorry about your not being able to find the colors, I've had a few discrepancies between the samples I have and what people can find, and I'm not sure why.
         Yes, you can paint all walls, as the white will add the contrast and interesting detail. If you want to make the room look bigger and feel the darker colours I've suggested would make it seem closed in, use the colour one or two up from those. Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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