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I have just purchased paint to redo my master bedroom bathroom – which is currently painted and wallpapered in olives/creams, and thought I knew what I wanted to do, but am now doubting my original plan.

Colors purchased are a darker apricot (Valspar Toasted Apricot 2006-3b), a lighter shade of apricot (next shade over on the card = Apricot Honey 2006 3C) and a lovely cream white (compliments the apricots very nicely – cream kind of reminds ya of a Creamsicle cream).  If you ever watch Trading Spaces – the apricots shades purchased are 2 of Laurie Smith’s favorite colors J

So….big decision is which of those colors (and I do not have to use all 3) to paint the following.  NOTE  - I was going to replace all of the olive (see below) with the darker apricot, replace the wallpaper (see below) with the lighter apricot and replace the cream (see below) with the new cream….but now I don’t know?

Wainscot (currently olive)

Wainscot molding (chair railing) – currently olive

Wall above wainscot – currently fern wallpaper (with matching olive accents)

Pocket door – currently cream

Pocket door trim – currently cream

Base boards – currently olive

Crown molding – currently olive

(Narrow) slatted linen closet door – currently olive

Linen closet door frame – currently olive

Window molding – currently olive

Window frame – currently olive

Window shudders –currently olive

Custom vanity (with wainscot doors) and 2 small medicine cabinets on the left and right side of a center mirror (only thing I know for sure will be painted in very dark brown – looks SO beautiful against the darker apricot – again a Laurie Smith idea) – currently olive.

I have purchased beautiful brown towels and shower curtain to match what will be the brown painted vanity/medicine chest – again so lovely against the apricot.

If you need current pictures, let me know.  Thanks Rachel!  

Hi Rikki

If it were me I would paint all the molding, trim, doors, door frames etc. in the cream.

You could then either paint the top half of the walls in the lighter apricot with the darker shade below or, my preference, one wall in the darker apricot with the other three walls in the lighter shade.

Really though, there are no rules you need to follow here and you are possibly best advised to use your own judgment as the combination of colors sounds good so you can't really go far wrong.

Kind regards,


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