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I wanted to write to you because your profile indicating an appreciation for individual style.  I'm admittedly an eclectic decorator but I don't want to be tacky or kitsch.

Ok so I have a smallish home with a breakfast space and a dining room area.  They are one doorway from each other.  I feel silly having a table and chairs in one room, and a table and chairs in another room.  I would like to make the breakfast space into more of a fun, light sitting room.  I thought of using rattan/wicker.  My question is, can I MIX them?  One style with another, one "natural" color with another "natural" color.  My philosophy of decorating like clothes -- do it with confidence and it will work but... I realize this could be REALLY tacky to some, not just whimsical.  What do you think?


Hi Amber,

Thanks for your question.  I applaud your enthusiasm, and agree with your sentiment.  

You can certainly mix natural colors and styles; that's to me the definition of eclectic.  One suggestion I'd make is to "decorate" the dining room in a more formal tone than the breakfast area.  You may want mis-matched but coordinated chairs in the breakfast area, or just "two" creating an intimate atmosphere.

Go for it with my best wishes!

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