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I have purchase a new livingroom set (chocolate brown, gold, little bit of rust) I need help choosing drapes/curtains (what colors). A rug (can't be busy the print is busy in the furniture - then what color? coffee table? ottoman?

Hi Stefanie,
         The picture doesn't show the light and dark colours very well but it is clear enough to answer this question. What I recommend is that you take the lightest gold in the flowers for the drapery and the next darker gold for the rug. You could also choose rust for the carpet, if you wish. The woodtones for the coffee table could be anything from a golden oak to a dark walnut. Anything in this range would look good. You might choose either a gold or yellow for the ottoman if using a rust carpet or rust if using the gold. Something in chocolate brown leather would also be very nice. Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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