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I am looking to decorate a bathoom for my children. I am looking for childrens themes, the whole set, shower curtin, lotion pump, and all the other goodies, I have been looking on the web and I am having troubles finding sets, and its even harder because I live in canada so the company would have to ship to canada. If you could inform me of some web sites that would have some of the things that I am looking for. Thanks in advanced

Hi Ambur,
        I'm afraid I couldn't find any suppliers of coordinated sets either. What you might do is think in terms of general types such as shells, frogs, clowns, etc. and look for coordinating separates. It could also lead to a craft-making time with your children. You could buy plain ceramic cups/holders etc and apply stencils with a ceramic paint available at your local craft store such as Michael's. You could also stencil patterns on the walls and towels. Your local library could probably get you some books on stenciling if you need help. I have learned this art of adaptation, as I also live in Canada and find it difficult to get things cheaply. Sorry I couldn't have better news for you, but I hope this helps. Good luck :)

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