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I am redecorating my family room which is a very large room with lots of windows.  I really wanted to do the room blue & brown, but don't have the money to buy new furniture.  So I have a sage green couch & loveseat, so I was thinking of putting that with the chocolate brown, but I'm having a hard time finding pillows or curtains with those 2 colors in them.  I wanted to do the walls a shade of chocolate brown.  So, I'm wondering if you think this color combo would look okay & if so, where can I find pillows or floor length curtains to go across a sliding glass door that have these 2 colors together.  Do you know of any websites or stores that have this? Or is there a way to put the sage green, blue & chocolate brown all together?
I really appreciate any information or advice that you can offer me!

Hi Erin,
       These colours are a great combination! But you don't need to find exact matches in accessories and curtains. Perhaps you can find curtain and pillow fabric that is red or red-orange with a touch of brown in it or a blue, blue-violet, red-violet and some sage green in it. Any other patterned fabric that has one or both of your main colour(s)in it will tie in with the overall look.
       Walmart has some panels that have golds and reds in them you might want to look there, too. Hope this helps and good look :)

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