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We are buying a new house with all white walls.  The walls are of a newer home, textured and no window casings or other interesting trim.  I am very interested in country French style with bold bright colors and interesting wood pieces.  My first room I want to tackle is the dining/living room. I would like to put up black toile wallpaper on two corner walls and yellow paint for the other walls.  Does it matter how much toile you put in a room? and what are the best colors to go with black toile wallpaper?  Also, I need to get a sofa for the living area.  I would like to get a  sofa with bright flowery print, how do I coordinate the colors of the sofa with the toile and yellow?  Let me know if I'm making a mess of things, this is the first time I've had a clean slate for decorating.  Thank you ahead of time, I'll take any advice you can offer.

The black toile is most likely on a beige or yellow background.  If the yellow you use matches/coordinates with that shade, your room will be off to a great start.  There's really no rule about how much toile of wallpaper to use in a room. I would probably select the focal wall and use it there.  Using it on two walls is certainly up to you to decide.  

Yellow goes well with black as does red, taupe, and many shades of  brown (like taupes, caramels and camel).

One caution that I feel compelled to offer is on the sofa fabric.  I understand your reasoning for wanting bright flowery print (based on the style you are trying to achieve), but thinking in terms of the typical life and expense of a sofa, something more neutral would serve you better.  If you purchase a solid color fabric for the sofa you can always add brightly colored flowery prints to it to achieve the French Country style.  Then, if your tastes and decor change, you can keep the same sofa by changing the accessories rather than the expensive piece of furniture.  You may even want to purchase a slip cover in the flowery fabric, but purchasing the sofa in that fabric will tie you into the style for as long as you own the sofa.

Remember too, that you can add as much color and drama as you want in draperies and accessories that are easier to replace or move from one space to another.

Coordinating rooms means using the same basic colors from one space to another.  If your main color in the dining room ends up  being caramel, you need to have "some" amount of caramel in the adjacent room.  Having black toile in one room does not mean you have to have toile in another room, but adding the black in some small way will pull the two spaces together visually.  

Hope this doesn't dash your dreams - it's a matter of economics as well as selection of fabrics to accomplish your decor dreams.  


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