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chocolate brown leather couch in showroom
chocolate brown leathe  
We have just moved into our new home where the walls are white with a very slight hint of grey, we have timber Venetians (that came with the house and are light brown) a chocolate brown dinning table (haven't chosen chairs as we are not sure if we should choose chocolate brown or match the couch) and we have floor boards that have been glossed over (these vary in shades of brown).

We are currently leather couch shopping and due to the current colors, I am stuck as I'm not too sure if a milk chocolate couch would suit the current browns I have in my family room.  Furthermore, if I end up buying a milk chocolate couch then should i go for dark chocolate dining chairs with dark chocolate chair legs.

My main worry is that I will have too many shades of brown in the house and it just wont I trying to hard to keep the colors consistent.    

Please help...I'm all browned out!!


Hi Anastasia,
         I wouldn't worry too much :) Woodtones and browns blend very well together. The dining chairs shown with the table in the background of your photo seem to go nicely with the couch you're considering. Perhaps brown leather seat and back with a lighter toned wood or white painted frame? Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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