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QUESTION: Hello, my sister is going to be going to collage, so I will be moving into her room becuase I like her room better than mine. But here is my problem, where should I put the bed? I have no idea where I should but it. I would love to send you pics or the room if I could. The room has three windows. I hope you can help. Thanks!!!

ANSWER: Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for writing.  Without seeing the room, my guess is that your bed would most likely fit between two of the three windows.  Putting the head of the bed away from the entrance to the room puts the foot of the bed closest to the door.  Whichever wall is wider should be the wall the head of the bed goes on.  Everything else you have can work in around that.


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This is looking into the room from to door way.
This is looking into t  
QUESTION: Hello! Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I don't think that would work becuase the windows are right next to each other. I have some images for you to look at. I have tons of other images that I would love to send, if you would like.

Put your bed on the wall that is adjacent to the windowed wall (it's not seen in the picture) so that the foot of the bed is toward the door.  If that wall has a window, then put the head of the bed on the wall that you see only the angle of in the photo.  This way the windows will be at your side.

Try it.  It'll work.


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