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QUESTION: We are trying to redecorate our large, odd shaped living room using what we have.  The room is 17 foot square (appx). One wall has a bay window; arched cutout shelves for knickknacks on either side.  The adjacent wall has a computer armoire, next to it is a 4' archway off the foyer; then a catty cornered big TV; the wall adjacent to that wall has an inverted L shaped cutout about 4' at bottom, 8' at top; a foot after that, is a catty cornered fireplace, next to that we have our loveseat as that is the only free wall, and the main couch is under the bay window, with an endtable and lamp catt cornered between the two couches.  We have a 4'sq. coffee table, a club chair on the other side of the main couch which is usually turned to the TV, just sort of floats there without looking like it belongs, we might get rid of it.  We want to change the couches placement but don't see another way. We were considering placing a new HDTV on the free wall and moving the loveseat opposite the other couch with the coffee table between but we don't want to block a view of the fireplace from the entrance at the foyer. The TV would look ok where it is but we just don't know how to re-arrange the furniture or if it is possible. I will send a picture if you think it is necessary, I have to take one. Thanks!

ANSWER: You're in that situation that most of us find ourselves in, with competition between fireplace and television.

I like your idea of moving the loveseat opposite the couch with the coffee table between the two.  Floating both pieces in the room is most likely your best option.  Putting the new TV on the free wall is logical unless you can mount it above the fireplace.  If you can do that, you eliminate the competition between the two.  

If you don't like the couches facing one another, try one at a right angle to the other, floating both in the middle of the floor.


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QUESTION: I tried to send a picture but it was not accepted. The only issue is that the view of the fireplace may be blocked by the loveseat as you walk in from the foyer.If we float the chairs at right angles away from the walls or window the back of the sofa is what you would see from either entrance to the living room.  The TV is fine where it is now, on the opposite side of the room. We would like to move it and put the TV on the wall but that is the first thing you wold see when you walked in from the foyer. I wish I could send you a  picture as you can get a better idea.  The TV above the fireplace can't be done because the wall is angled. Is there another way I can send the picture?  It says it has an invalid name, cannot have char' Thanks!

Sorry you had trouble sending a photo.  It's the only way to get one to me.  

Don't worry about seeing the back of the sofa, and unless the loveseat is very high-backed, it shouldn't block the view of the fireplace totally.  

I personally think that floating furniture is much more interesting than having everything against a wall.  That's a common mistake that many make.  

Try floating the furniture and leaving the television alone if you're happy with it.  Unfortunately, televisions and fireplaces are natural focal points, and regardless of their positions in the room, they are going to be the first thing you see.


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