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Jenny, I am having a tough time coming up with a paint color for my family room.  This room shares a wall with my kitchen, so I'm painting it the same color(unless something else will work). Layout is a large L shape with family room at 15x25 and kitchen at 26x13.  Carpet in family room is cream with a light gray hue.  There is a corner wall with a dark brown gas fireplace and hearth and surround in brown/cream marble. Haven't stained the mantel yet. New furniture will be going in the family room so there is no issue with matching to current colors/patterns.  I just know that couch will be some kind of deep color, not cream, since I have small kids.  Kitchen has new maple cabinets with a light brown glaze in the creases, tumbled marble backsplash with pewter insets, giallo veneziano granite, dark brown metal stools with chocolate cushions, and stainless steel appliances.  Flooring in kitchen is laminate tile in varying shades of brown with grey "grout" lines.  

I know any shade of tan/beige will completely wash out my cabinets so I'm looking for a nice warm color that works for all, or maybe even two colors that somehow harmonize in a way that is not weird with the shared wall (incidentally that wall also has a french door).  No color is off limits. I really like tuscan style, reds,oranges, and even deep merlot/plums, and of course love the tans/beiges in rich color(even though I know that won't work here).  I'm just really looking for something warm since this is a casual space where we spend most of our time, but I want to make the most of it for my kitchen that opens onto it, and really show off the beautiful materials used in there.  Any suggestion would be most appreciated.

Hi Randi,

There are lots of colors you could use.  Any one of the tuscan shades you mention would be beautiful.  I was especially fond of hearing merlot and plum, and of the two, the plum really appealed to me.  The other color that comes to my mind is a golden shade - not yellow, but a warm, medium shade of gold.  Secondly, "nutmeg" is a brown/orange which is most certainly Tuscan inspired and an absolutely gorgeous color.  Either the gold or the nutmeg would do you proud.  

Hope this gives you some inspiration.


PS:  Thank you for being one of very few who write me and tell me they're not afraid of color!

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