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I purchased a contemporary sky blue 3-piece living room set yesterday and although I am very excited about my selection, I am lost as to what to accent the pieces with. What would be great colors to add to this room and not be too bright with it?

Hello Martishia,

Sounds like you've made a great choice! Blue is a very popular color right now - so you'll have no trouble finding accessories. It all really depends on the look you're trying to achieve. To reinforce that contemporary vibe, go with rich chocolate browns and deep teals. If you'd like a more punchy color scheme - you might try burnt oranges. I could also see a fresh spring green and textured neutrals.

Take a stroll around your favorite mass market places - Target, Macy's - whatever is near you - you'll find yourself with tons of options. Choose the one that speaks to you the most!

Good luck!!


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