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We are about to build a house and woefully, I find myself trying to plan rooms around televisions!  Our plan is open with lots of windows and not many walls.  I don't mind putting a TV over a fireplace in one room but not two.  Any great ideas?

Congratulations on your new house! And thanks for the question.

You can put the television in a variety of items, including armoires and bookshelves - particularly with flat screen technology.

There are also pieces for flat screens that have "lifts" installed. The TV remains hidden, and then, at the touch of a button, raises for viewing. That's another option.

As you design your house, try to keep in mind how your needs might evolve over time - what you think is a must have now, could change in a few years - especially if you have small children! Try to design options that can serve a few purposes - not just accommodating TV's.

Good luck!


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