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I have an area rug that is centered in the middle of the room.  The sofa is against one wall and have an oval type coffee table.  If I put all four legs of the coffee table on the area rug, then it is both too far away and off to the right side.  If I center the coffee table to the sofa, then only one leg of the coffee table will be on the area rug, but then it is too close to the opening from the kitchen to the living room.  Is it okay just to have those two legs on the area rug but moved over to the left so there is more space between the opening of the two rooms.


I'm not sure what size your rug is relative to your room - so answering this question is a little challenging.

If the sofa anchors the main seating area in the room, then the rug should be centered relative to the sofa, even if that puts it off to one side of the room. It's okay if only the front legs of the sofa are on the rug.

With regard to the coffee table, function is the most important thing. Center the coffee table to the sofa. Is it possible to adjust the location of the sofa, to help keep the coffee table out of the doorway?

Remember, in any room, function is most important - it doesn't matter if it looks gorgeous if you have no where to put your coffee cup. Try and look at your room with that in mind, and the new arrangement may present itself!

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