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Here is my bathroom:

It is very thin and long, and walking into it you get a very deep and scary feeling with only the toilet greeting you at the end. Is there anything I can do to make it appear less long and more wide? I imagined mirrors along the bottom wall, but that seems a little tacky to me.

Walls: white (I would rather not use wallpaper or paint on the walls).
Counter: light gray color.
Tub, sink, toilet: white.
Floor: tan/brown small tiles.

Any type of decor I can use to give it a more wider, more inviting feeling?

I'm open to your suggestions and appreciate your help! :)

Hi Mark,
       The best thing you can do to widen the room is to hang a mirror on the opposite wall from the tub or hang a painting or poster there and put the mirror on the wall with the bath. Mirror on the bottom wall will only make the room wider at foot level, to make the total room seem larger the mirror will need to be higher. Hanging the painting will give the mirror something to reflect besides a plain wall, since there isn't a window. You could also place a shelf under the mirror if putting it opposite the bath and place candles on it, the mirror will reflect the light when you're bathing.
    To make the room shorter, paint the wall that the toilet is on a dark colour such as oriental coral by Glidden/CIL 26YR 30/511, this will make the wall appear to advance and not seem so far away.
Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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