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hi jenny,
First and foremost i appreciate your time in answering this question. We have a pretty spacious living/dining room (L shape). we just recently painted the dining room a yellow beige color. the dining room set is coming this sat. its a dark cherry wood almost espresso color. the living room has a taupe microsuede couch with drk cherry wood and coffee table with two end tables, facing a fireplace in center with white mantle. both rooms have white crownmolding and trim, were not planning to change that color. We were having a dilemma in what color to paing the living room in order to match both the furniture and dining area. Would you suggest in paint the fireplace wall with an accent color to make it a focal pt. need your help.
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Your fireplace wall is already a focal point just because it houses the fireplace.  You can either paint the living room in a darker shade of the yellow beige (to coordinate with the dining room) or use a taupe.  My favorite is Toasty Grey by Glidden.  If you don't care for taupe, consider a warmer (darker) shade of yellow, i.e., a golden wheat color for the living room.


PS:  Trim and crown molding should be left white!

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