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i have recently moved into a house built in the 20,S. It is a beautiful house with all the old wood  trim and hardwood floors, the floors are resanded and polished  a sort of pine color.  I am uncertain what to do with the red sofa i bought to go in the house it looks ok but i know i need to do some thing to make it fit in.  The walls are white but there is wainscoting all around the lower half of the wall which contains some ugly wall paper. I will not have the time to decorate until next year can you suggest an alternative for me.  Perhaps i should have stuck with a leather sofa in brown.  I also like the eastern style.  Please help me if you can, i can not take the sofa back. thanks in advance.

Lauren -

I'm not sure what you're asking me - is it the color or the style of the  
sofa you're unsure how to make work?

It sounds like you've got a couch you like in a "modern" color that you feel conflicts with the traditional style of your home. What is the sofa's style?

To make the red work in the room, pick up the red in some other items - perhaps a piece of art or some ceramic item - a picture frame or vase.
You can also soften the red by using a throw over the arm, and choosing throw pillows that a little more traditional in their fabric.

Best of luck to you!!


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