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Hi, I have a living room with hardwood floors and neutral walls. I really love
my capel oriental rug- it's just blue and cream/white( light and medium blue)
So basically a blue and white rug- I'm having trouble finding a sofa color that
I like to go with it. I was looking at a terracotta color- to go complimentary,
or perhaps celedon - seems maybe more relaxing- but boring?? what do you
think would look inviting? Know of any pictures on the web with this type of
scheme? Thanks so much.

Hello Blakeana-

Thanks for the question. That sounds like a lovely rug. Nearly anything could go with that color scheme - the important question is one you already seem to be asking yourself: What is the "feel" you want from the room? What will you be doing in there? Do you have children? Pets? As you answer these "functional" questions, you'll discover the answer to your color question.

Personally, I love that relaxing celadon idea - but, with three small children and two big dogs - that look isn't going to stay serene for long, it will very quickly turn into a dirty mess!

Terracotta sounds beautiful - so does celedon. You could also go with a shade of blue from the rug and then add gorgeous pillows in either of those colors. That would also give you the opportunity to change the look seasonally - or update it in the future.

Take a look at some magazines - I love Domino and Traditional Home - and their websites, for some great pictures.

Best of luck to you!!


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