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Hi there!
I have a question. We have a 10x16 sunroom enclosed by glass sliding doors. It is one wall brick and the rest patio doors with cobblestone type brick floor. Looking for ideas of how to decorate! Right now I am going to get an area rug, and we have a 6 piece indoor wicker furniture set to be put in the room. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much

Hi Melanie -

Thanks for the question! I, too, have all glass sunroom. I decorated it by floating the furniture in the room. On one side is a dining table and the other is a seating area made up of two love seats. That arrangement works great for us.

The first question you should ask yourself is how you plan on using the room, and go from there. You will also want to use some "indoor" furniture in there to keep it from feeling disconnected from the rest of the house. Sometimes, I see a client with a sunroom who has decorated it without much thought to the rest of the house. That little bit of continuity is important. So, remember to bring in lamps and throw pillows - and maybe other seating that you "borrow" from another room in the house.

If you plan on purchasing a rug, be sure to ask how it will stand up to the significant sun exposure it will be getting!!

Good luck with your plans!


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