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I need to choose the color for the carpeting that is going in our finished basement. We had navy blue with white walls. I have 5 sons,if it wasn't a complete negative  for resale we should have put in padded floors,walls and ceilings with a washout drain for cleaning. The guys are all in their teens and early twenties. They held(without my knowledge )a fair share of beer pong tournaments. Two incidents with the dehumidifier we had yeast growing on our carpet. We got rid of the ping pong table.Got rid of the ruined carpet and will seal the concrete floor to decrease moisture build up under the furniture.
I need to keep in mind that we might like to sell this house five years from now.The carpet I am looking at is a moderate level in price. I'd like to not have to replace it when we move if at all possible. I was leaning toward navy again,the carpet store suggested slate grey as a neutral. I know that berber is out since we are also going to put a treadmill and recumbent bike down there too.
As for the size and shape it is a large reverse L shape. The stair case comes out and around into the lower portion of the L. From the staircase there is an area that's about 9x9. Turning right the room opens up to another right sided triangular area. This opens to an area that is 19'4x 13'3. There is one small window in this area. Then you step down to another portion of the basement that is 18'8x18'8. There is another small window in this portion of the room. The furniture is cargo wood couches,love seat and coffee table.The pillows are navy denim. The walls were all repainted white with white trim.The light fixtures will all be updated with brushed silver framing around the fixtures. Any other suggestions? I'd really appreciate your input.

I need to think about this a bit, so if you received a reply that I won't answer this question, that shouldn't be the case.
I'd like to take a day to think this through in order to help you appropriately.
I'll check my question que later, and if this question is gone, please e-mail me a follow up note.
Thanks, Sandy

Hi Elyse,
You made me smile while reading this yesterday, and still smiling today regarding the padded walls etc....too funny, but I think very practical.
Anyway, the idea of the slate grey is not a bad option.  This will tend to have you looking at the blue hues again rather than true greys.  It depends what you like.  What about a wheat color carpeting - nothing light like a tan or beige but something a little darker.  I would stay away from the navy due to resale for sure.  It's too strong a color for people to visualize their belongings.  
With the Wheat color or slate blue I tend to see a theme basement coming through especially with the white trim and the brushed silver light fixtures.  Seems very modern nautical to me.  There is a lot you can do with the artwork and accessories with that theme too.
If you don't like that theme, or if you weren't looking to go with a specific theme, then you can add in any colors for accent that you like.
I hope I've helped you.
If you need more assistance, just send a follow up.
Thanks for writing,

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