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QUESTION: My husband and I are confused on what curtains to buy. We have a chocolate leather sectional in a room with 3 large windows on one side and 2 large windows on the other. The floor plan calls this a sun room, but it is not a traditional sun room.  We have accessories on the wall and a rug with colors in the burnt orange, blues, golds, and green families. The wall color is basket beige. What would be the  best chose for window treatments? Should we use a solid chocolate color with accents or a lighter color with chocolate accents?

ANSWER: Hello Amy,

Thank you for the question!

You aren't limited to chocolate in your window treatments - if you'd like to keep the focus on the view out the windows, or on the windows themselves, go with a color similar to the wall color. You certainly can use brown, but I'm concerned about the visual impact of all that brown in the room. Why not consider brightening things up with curtains in another of your accent colors? Consider the golds or the blues, or, if you're feeling bold - why not the orange? Just grab a couple of throw pillows in the same/similar color as he curtain and put them on the leather couch to tie things together.

Good luck!


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QUESTION: Would having curtains in one of the accent colors make the room look shorter or cut off?


When you say "cut off" - do you mean the height of the room? If so, then no, it won't, so long as you mount the curtains as close to ceiling as you can get, and make sure they're long enough to skim the floor. If that's not what you meant, just clarify, and I'll be happy to answer!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No, not the height, but the length. Our kitchen, breakfast area, and sunroom are all in a straight line. I have attached our floorplan. Would it make the room look shorter? Also,

Hi Amy,

The floor plan makes it a lot easier to visualize! I understand what you're saying - and, yes, it can make the space appear separate. That isn't a bad thing, but if it isn't what you're going for, then it won't work for you. It really depends upon your approach to the main living space - are you planning on decorating them all similarly?

For example, in my home, I have have a palette of blues and greens, but each space is distinct. So, the formal living room is creamy with some blue upholstered pieces and accents in blue with a jolt of orange to spice things up. The curtains are the same creamy color as the wall, with a 6" band of blue along the leading edge of each panel. The formal dining room is painted a deep mossy green with some warm tones in the rug. The kitchen, casual dining area and family room (which are open to each other in an L shape) have a neutral wall, but all the pillows and rugs feature blue. That LOOOOONG explanation was meant to illustrate that if you stick with a palette - whatever it is - the rooms will all flow together visually, even if your curtains are an accent color.

So let's say you choose blue for the curtain - reinforce it with some pillows as I described, then - in the adjacent eating area and kitchen, you can just hint at that blue in a print or a pretty bowl or plate on display - so while the sunroom will look distinct from the other space, it won't look out of place.

I hope this helps - it's so hard to convey ideas over the internet, so please feel free to ask me anything I'm not making clear.


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