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We are moving into a rent house next month. They are going to let us re-paint, remodel and basically do what we want to their house. They will pay for the materials and we do the work in exchange for a very discounted rent price. The house use to be 3 bedroom 1.5 bath and now it is 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. The original house is sheetrocked but the addition of the master bedroom and a very large family room are done in natural pine.  We can do anything else we want to the house except paint over the pine. So I need some ideas in decorating with accent colors and things (bedspread, decor, curtains, etc.) that will make it look good. My bedroom furniture is very large and a dark cherry wood (too new to replace) and my familly room couches are very dark brown leather.  (I am not into the animal skins, bears and deer thing), but I am very open to lots of colors.  

Also the two full baths are done in tile more than half way up the walls. One is pepto bismol pink and the other is teal.  They need help desperately! I have seen some pictures on the net where people have painted over the tile and it looks beautiful - would that be your suggestion to help these very ugly bathrooms?  

My husband and I have flipped a lot of homes and done a lot of painting, remodeling so we are well able to the work ourselves, but we haven't come across the tile that was such terrible colors that you couldn't keep or the pine walls.  

Thank you for your time and suggestions.


Hello Rebekah,

Thanks for the question!

Wow. You have quite a challenge on your hands - where shall we begin?

The Family Room. (and really the Master Bedroom, too).

I think, to some degree, you need to decorate like the pine isn't there. In other words, decorate in colors and styles you like. I don't think you could make ultra modern work and I sure wouldn't add anymore yellow to the mix, but I would forge ahead with whatever you enjoy. You don't need to go rustic to make things look good. I've seen photos of gorgeous English estates where the room are paneled in knotty light wood, and the paneling is the last thing you notice!

If you'd like a specific direction from me, I'd say think "cottage". To me, that means layering things that are meaningful to you, not striving for "perfect" and thing feeling comfortable. Some people translate cottage as shabby chic but I think that's a narrow interpretation.

As far as the bathroom go - embrace the colors! For the teal bathroom, think beach. Get a sand colored curtain (I swear Target had a teal and sand striped one!) and towels that pick up both colors, add a curtain in a fabric that also coordinates and voila! Paint above the tile in a sandy tone.

As for the pink, same idea - start with a fun shower curtain. I would go for something in a print that picks up the pink, then pull another color from there. (A pale yellow would be great!)

The secret to those funky tile colors is to decorate like you planned them!

Best of luck!


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