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I have teal walls in my living room. My couch is beige and my furniture is all an expresso color. I'm having trouble finding accent pieces to go on the wall entertainment center, which is huge, and has a lot of "compartments" or "lil cubbies" to fill. I'm also looking for a rug to kind of tie the room together but I am not sure what to get. Do I pick something in the blue family or go with orange or something to contrast. I don't want to make the room look darker than it already is or have it look like a circus with too many colrs in it. what do you suggest?

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the question! Sounds like you have the start of a lovely room.

With regard to the rug and "tying things together", I would certainly choose a rug that had as it's main colors shades of teal and browns. I think the orange might be a bit too much contrast - you are right.

As far as the cubbies go - that sounds like a fun challenge. I would accessorize with a combination of items. Start by looking around your home - do you have platters or vases or pitchers? Maybe you collect something? Start by placing those items in a kind of zig zag pattern though out the piece, then fill in with items such as books and small plants or small prints. Personally, (and for ease of finding things), I would start with items in white or cream. You can easily find inexpensive things at Target or TJ Maxx.

For example, I have two niches on either side of my fireplace - they are decorated with a collection of cream - white textures pitchers. Some are expensive antiques and some were 7.99 at TJ Maxx - but the look is cohesive. Find something that speaks to you, and go for it! And it's okay if those cubbies stay empty for a while - it's more important that what fills them is meaningful to you.

Best of luck!


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