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QUESTION: I have a split entry, 16 feet wide x 6 feet deep with  one set of  5' wide stairs going up and one set of 5' stairs going down. There is a 3' deep  landing on the top with 2 sets of double french doors with a 12" wall between the  them.  My front door, with two sidelights and a rectangular transom as well as a half round transom on top is not in the center of the two sets of stairs.  I would like to hang a chandelier.  Do I center it between the two sets of stairs above the landing or do I center it on the door because of the transoms.  The ceiling is 13 ft high.  Also what would be the correct height to hang the fixture.

I would hang the fixture centered on the door because of the transoms.
You also bring up a good point on hanging the fixture. The only true way to tell where you want to hang the fixture is by walking across the street and try to visualize where the fixture would look best.  I personally like it centered in the paladium window, but others like it closer to the ground with only half of the chandalier showing in the window from the street.
I would drive around and look at other homes to see where theirs are hung too.  This will give you a perspective as to how yours might look.
This is a very good question.
Thanks for writing.

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QUESTION: Both transoms have decorative glass in them so the chandelier would not be visible (only if lit at night)from the exterior.  My main concern is the look on the inside.  When you enter the foyer from front door, your eyes tend to look upward towards the double set of french doors of this double entry foyer. If I were to hang the chandelier by the stairs, do I hang it right in the center of the two sets of stairs, or above the landing at the top of the stairs and at what height? thanks

ANSWER: I would hang the chandelier in the center of the two sets of stairs at the entry level.  The height will depend on how big the chandelier is, and how big your entry way is.
This can vary due to all of those dimensions.
I would say if you have a two story foyer and that's what it sounds like, then perhaps the bottom of the chandelier should be at 12 feet from the ground.  Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: The entry is 11 feet wide, ceiling is only 13 feet high. So based on those dimensions what size chandelier should I buy and at what height do I hang it.  Thanks

Given the dimensions you have provided, it sounds to me like you need a fixture that is at least 28" in diameter.  You provided the width of the room, but the length is important too along with the height.  You should be fine with the size I have provided.

Regarding the hanging height, the rule of thumb is 78-84" from the floor to the bottom of the fixture for ease of walking under.

Thanks, Sandy  

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