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Hi Jenny,

I am about to move into a new construction high rise condo complex with floor to ceiling windows in downtown Philadelphia.  It is around 1100 sq ft and 1 bedroom 1.5 baths.  It will be bamboo in the living area and kitchen.  The samples seem to be done in a minimalist style by Ligne Rossett which look great but are not all that comfortable.  As a single man, I like a big couch with a big TV!  Also, I prefer traditional but in this unit I will go more modern given the type of building.  

With that background, my questions are the following:

1) I have several beautiful silk rugs from Kashmir which I would love to use in the new condo.  Would this be possible because the rugs are obviously traditional.  It would be great if I could use these rugs in my unit.

2) Any idea on paint selections?  I like Benjamin Moore paint as my parents got their home done in Benjamin Moore.  I was thinking of shades of blue or brown along with yellow in certain areas.  Am I out of my mind?

3) Instead of a 4 dinette table, I was going to go with a bar and 2-3 bar stools.  Is this gauche?

I appreciate your help.

Doc P.

Hi Doc P.,

Congrats on the new place; it sounds wonderful.  

Style is a matter of choice.  If you like minimalist and are comfortable with that style, then it is the style for you.  If either of those statements is untrue, then find a new style.  It's fine to be "traditional" in a minimalist style building.  It's your space.

Since you are a single man and prefer comfort, consider two couches facing one another.  Your big TV will not only make you happy, it's expected.  Just be sure that the TV does not create a big black hole in the room when it's off.  You can put it in a cabinet (where the doors can close) or present it as art on a sleek TV cabinet.

Now to your questions...You can definitely use the silk rugs.  Use a large one between the sofas.  If you have several, you may opt to hang some of them as art rather than scatter them about on the floor.  

Paint selections from Benjamin Moore are the blue:  Sapphireberry.  It's a yummy color, perfect for a bachelor with bamboo floors.  Three selections for the brown (you choose):  Sea Froth, Sandlot Gray or Arizona Tan.  All of these are beautiful in combination with the sapphireberry, and all could be used with a touch of yellow.

Lastly, why not compromise between a full fledged bar and a table?  Check out the new bar height tables.  They're popular, beautiful, functional as either a bar OR a table and available everywhere.   

Good luck on finding your true style in your own space.


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