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QUESTION: I would like suggestions for paint colors. I have beadboard that goes about
1/3 up the wall and is light blue and I would like to keep it. Above it I have a
small section of cream paint, then the rest of my wall. All of my
shelves/doors /ceiling are cream. I was thinking possibly painting it grey and
then doing the furniture those colors with black too, but I don't want it to
look modern. I would like a warm, cozy room. It is a fairly small room. Thank

ANSWER: Hi Sarah,
I'm thinking more in the warm honey gold tones rather than grey and black as that will provide a cooler feel and very modern.
If the gold tones don't appeal to you, then perhaps some warmer browns or greens.
All will go nicely with the blue beadboard.

Here are some color options:
For the honey gold color: SW6387 (Sherwin Williams-Compatible Cream)
or SW6388 (Sherwin Williams - Golden Fleece)
The brownish color I'm thinking of is called Pepper Spice by Benjamin Moore.  I don't have my color fan deck in front of me, but if you go on their website after you visit the Sherwin Williams website, you can find the color by name.
The greenish color would be: SW6163 (Sherwin Williams-Grassland) or SW6164 (Sherwin Williams - Svelte Sage)

I hope some of these options work for you.
Thanks for writing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the suggestions! I forgot to ask, do you have any ideas that would
make a room feel more cozy and warm if it is painted in cooler colors like the
grey and blue?

Hi Sarah,
The only thing I would do to make it warm and cozy would be to use oversized stuffed furniture.  My only caution is that you said the room was small, so you don't want to go too big.
So, you can always add lots of pillows to furniture too.
Thanks, Sandy

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