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Hi Sandy,First of all I am completely lost when it comes to interior decorating.That said, I am going to buy a flat panel lcd tv and mount it on the wall in my living room.Any thoughts you might have on screen size to wall dimensions to room dimensions would be greatly appreciated. I have researched it from the viewing angle but can find only a small amount of information from an interior design aspect. The wall dimension is 96in length by 90in height I have a book case on the floor 24in height that runs the entire length of the wall.The room dimensions are 12ft x 22ft with the tv going on the smaller wall.

Hi Jim,
The room size vs wall size doesn't matter as much as how far away from what TV size you are thinking of purchasing for optimum viewing.

That being said, with the long wall being the depth of the room if I am understanding you correctly, you could go up to a 65" screen as the optimum viewing for that size screen is 13.5' from the TV.
That leaves you with a lot of room behind the viewing seat(s) that you won't want to forget to decorate.  Perhaps a nice sofa table and a nice large plant would look great.
Just an idea.
Keep in mind, if you decide to go to a smaller screen size, you will need to move your seating closer to the screen for optimum viewing; which means you will have more room to decorate behind the seating area.
Example: a 60" screen needs to be at 12.5' for optimum viewing.
a 50" screen needs to be at 10.4' for optimum viewing.  Note that leaves quite a bit of room behind the seating area for a nice reading area or game area.
Thanks for writing, hope this helps.

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