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Hi Rachel,
I really need help!!  I would like to decorate my kitchen with a restaurant theme.  I am really have difficulty deciding on paint colors as well as accessories. I have 2 signs that I really like that sort of inspire where I want the look to go.  My problem is that I do not want to just hang a bunch of signs, I am afraid that will look too busy and tacky.  Also, I am not a huge fan of the retro diner (50's)look, and as I look at accessories, I find myself considering many things that have that look, then I have to remind myself that is not the direction I want to go.  I want the kitchen to feel fun, definately, but at the same time classic and warm.  I have 4 children ages 4,5, 7 and 8.  We  have a Friday night ritual of going out to eat, and we really have a good time. We like the atmosphere of an American style grille, I guess is the term.  I would like to recreate that as much as I can.  Any advice?  I am sending pictures to go along, I am afraid my description of the kitchen would just be too confusing.  The only thing you may not be able to see is that the counter tops are tiled, which we hope to redo in another year or two.  (We just purchased this house). Also, you step down into the dining area. When you are looking at the dining room table, there is a cut-out in the wall, that leads to the living room.  I intend on doing most of the house in neutral type colors. I am not looking to use any bright or dark colors on the walls.  I do like splashes of color, in artwork and other places, just not on the walls.  (except my kids bathrooms and bedrooms).  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me.  I was so thrilled to see this website, I am having difficulty making lots of decorating decisions, yet cannot afford to hire someone.  You are a good person to volunteer to share your talent and time.
Jeana Olszewski

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Color Options  
Hi Jeana,
Thank you for sending over images. I have attached two different paint options that I would go with. I know you aren't wanting to go darker but I felt that to get that restaurant feel and considering the colors that you have in your space that it would look best to go with a dark brown reddish color or a deep blue purplish color for the walls. It is more common to see dining rooms with darker colors. See attached images for color.  Hope this helps and good luck.

Rachel Mallon, ASID
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