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QUESTION: We are building a custom home and are confused about the best layout for our family room.  It has a vaulted two story ceiling and the room is approximately 20' x 22'.  On the east wall, the wall will be covered mostly with windows.  The windows start at above 2.5' to 3' off the floor.  Rectangular windows topped with arched windows on top.  On the north wall, there is a fireplace in the middle of the wall with brick going all the way up to the ceiling.  The fireplace will have two windows flanking either side.  These windows start closer to the ground.  On the west wall there is a staircase with railing going up to the second floor.  On the south end of the room, there is a several foot section coming off the east wall with a window identical and opposite one on the east side of the fireplace.  The rest of the south side of the room is open to the eat in area/kitchen.

Our questions:  where should we locate a 47" to 50" LCD TV?  How should it be mounted?  On the wall, above fireplace, or in an entertainment center?

Also, where should we locate couches, chairs, and other family room furniture?

We still can block off the two windows flanking the fireplace on the north wall, if that is something you think we should consider.

Please let us know your thoughts, we need help!  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Jeff,
If I'm understanding your room layout, it appears the only option for such a large TV would be to the left of the fireplace and for-go the windows.
If I am incorrect in my understanding that there is really no other wall that you could put the TV on.
Regarding the TV, it sounds to me like you are getting a flat screen TV.  I would not mount it above the fireplace due to the size of the TV and the brick that goes all the way to the ceiling.
I would instead place it on a low entertainment unit designed for the larger screen TVs.
Regarding the furniture, I would place the couch on an angle facing the north west of the room.  Yes, sounds silly but it works great.
I would then place a chair to the right of the fire place and then one just south of that chair.
A coffee table placed on the same angle as the couch, a table between the chairs and a table to the left end of the couch at the tv end of the couch.

Lamps of course are a must.
If you haven't already thought about where you will put your outlets, you need to think about putting some in the floor due to the lack of wall space you will have.
Good luck, sounds nice.

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Thank you very much!  The only other available wall would be the west wall, but it's a partial wall because we have a staircase with handrail going up the second floor.

Just to make sure, given this information, would you still eliminate both windows on either side of the fireplace and still keep the TV to the left of the fireplace?

Hi Jeff,
My concern with the partial wall is just that, it's a partial wall and given the staircase going up, could be a distraction watching such an awesome TV.

I would draw it our for yourselves, and try to envision the TV next to the fireplace and then a second sketch on the partial wall.
Keep in mind, if you have windows on the East wall - you will have a lot of Glare bouncing back at on the TV.
Hope this helps.
Thanks, Sandy

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