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Dear Sandy; I am making a cornice(just a straight lined piece of material hung on a 2/12" wide curtain rod with a return to the wall), for the kitchen window which is between   the cabinets.They are not filled in above, and the window is shorter than the top of the cabinets and has a 3" frame. I am thinking that the cornice would look better even (in line) with the cabinet tops. Would this be correct? Thank you.
         Sincerely, Freda

Hi Freda,
I think it's a personal preference to be honest with you.  My preference would be to put the cornice at the window level and not even with the cabinets as it provides more interest.
I would tape up some brown craft paper over the window to mimic the cornice.  Live with it for a day or two at both heights you describe.
You will know which level you like better before making the cornice.
Good luck.

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