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I have one accent wall in my living room (kind of a gray-green color)my dining room and kitchen are both open to the living room and I want to paint the walls and cabinets but i have no idea what colors to use to tie into the living room? I keep looking at warm colors but can you do warm and cool colors together? There is not much wall showing in the kitchen so the cabinets would be the main thing and there is only one wall in the dining room and that wall runs into the kitchen. The other dining room wall runs into the living room. I have attached a picture of what the layout looks like,the painted wall and its color. In the sun light it looks like the one on the bottom and at night it looks like the one on the top. Hope you can give me some options. Eventually we want to scoot the fridge and stove down and knock out half of the wall where the stove is and turn it into a breakfast bar (so then it will really be open)

Hi Gina,
The answer is yes,,  you most certainly can use both warm and cool colors together. the gray-green color that you have your living room wall is a perfect example of a color that can be either warm or cold. It depends on the temperature or hue, and what colors you choose to compliment or contrast with. You can go cooler in your space by staying with the gray hue, going either lighter or darker depending on the whether you want the space to be more cool than warm, or go with the green hues to take the space in a warmer direction. either way, you can continue the use of these colors throughout the adjoining rooms easily by staying in the same color range and using either complimentary (either left or right of the color you are starting with on the color wheel) or contrasting (choosing colors that are directly across from your starting color on the wheel.) Just as an example, if you bring in more gray in the dining room, go a little lighter, then lighter still into the kitchen, this will allow the rooms to flow, yet, allow each room to have it's own personality by bringing in accent colors(yellows, reds, even oranges) for a warmer space. good luck. Hope this helps.

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