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I just bought a rubberwood table from Pier one (dark finish) - my daughter laid a napkin with nail polish remover on it on the table and it looks like it ate through the finish and then she tried to wipe it off with the same nail polish remover soaked napkin.  I have a spot on the table now - anything I can do to repair this small area??


Here's a quick "Band-Aid on a whale" - not a permanent repair, but something to disguise the finish.  Your local home improvement store have MinWax furniture repair pens available in varying finish shades.  Purchase the one closest to your table, apply the repair and then wipe it off.  It may take several applications to fill in the spot, but apply and wipe off until you are satisfied with the result.  

One of the intrinsic problems with rubberwood is that the polyurethane coating that is added to the raw wood wears off (and of course is removed by acetone.)  If you use the table frequently, you will eventually have to sand off the entire tabletop and reseal with non-yellowing (says so on the can) poly.  


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