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Hey there. Thanks for being there. I am up against a decision deadline with countertops and cabinets. It's a home rehab. Budget limited. Here are my questions.  
I want a white kitchen - small kitchen, and I like bright and airy.  White within my budget is foil wrapped, and very bright and I don't like the look so much.  I respect hardwood too much to paint it after install (Wood and stone may be less versitile anyway.)  I am hoping contractor and I can come to terms on painted real wood of some kind.  Do you have any preference between painted wood and laminate. Which do you really think  holds up and looks best longest?  I don't want yellowing, but don't like the chunky look of the laminates.  Next Q. is countetops:  I love a very slightly warmer white with wood-toned cabinets. I doubt the practicality of wood long-range, and cannot afford it.  I am going with Wisonart. I see the HD and it shoud hold up best, probably, but I think I like a smoothe texture better. Ideally, I would find something with warm -almost wood tones that is not directly a fake wood laminate.  Do you think the premiums hold up well? Do you like the HD installed?  I am also thinking style vesitility because I like the wood and white and airy feel, but also have in another state, an old 40s white kitchen tabld with red-edged meatl top and black feet. Would bd nice if I had versitiliyt to make a couple of looks - the Sweedish white, wood, airy look and the retro.  There may be a bunch of impossible to reconcile teasts, but just aksing your opinions. Thanks for any help at all.  Ginger
Those Boomerang Wilsonarts - especailly aqua and sky are gorgeous, aren't they? With metal edge they might be wonderful, but those are for people with budget to redecorate more often, I feel. I need a little more versility and like both airy and warm.

Hi Ginger,

If you can afford it, opt for wood cabinets that are painted white by the manufacturer.  Wood cabinets will outlast all the others.  Laminate cabinets will not hold up as well.  

Laminate countertops have come a long way, but don't pigeon hole yourself with a strong color like aqua.  Doing so will negatively affect your resale value.  

Opt for a smooth texture countertop.  Wilsonart has some good looking counters; avoid fake wood.  Use a rounded edge on the Wilsonart and match it to your cabinetry as you please.  If you opt for a wood tone cabinet, the off-white will be very good looking.  If you opt for white, select a darker countertop.  You'll be glad.

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  Hope this helps.


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