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facing patio
facing patio  
I will try to explain the room I am looking to paint before I do anything.  

I live on the second floor, where my entrance is my own, with the stairs leading up to the apartment.  My living room, dining room and kitchen are all one big room.  The ceiling is not flat, it angles on both sides and then is flat in the middle. The kitchen is really just a wall, no room for tables in the actual kitchen, if you can picture that.  My rug in the living room area is Chocolate, the couch is that light/tan microfiber/suedey feel.  Light wood rail and floor, my furniture is dark wood.  From this big "room", there is a hall, that is two rooms + a bathroom long.  So to sum it up, one wall has the entrance/staircase.  One wall is the patio with a huge half circle window above (see picture), one wall is the looong wall, that includes that long hallway, (the other side of the hall only goes up to where the "hall starts" and the fourth wall is a "hang" above the kitchen area, about three feet from the ceiling.  

I was thinking of using the staircase wall as the accent wall, but am not entirely sure being the room is so big maybe I can accent the wall with the patio as well?  Another thing is colors.  I was thinking about keeping the walls similar to what they are now.  A very light yellow.  The ceiling was painted the same color - should I go white for the ceiling, or would that be too much?  That long hallway wall should be one color, right?  I was thinking a dark red/orange or a brown, but I am told no by everyone. Please help!  I wish I could upload another image so you can see both sides of the room.

The logical accent wall would be "either" the stairway wall (which means that 2 stories of wall would be an accented color, or the wall that features the door to the patio.  Using a darker color, my choice would be the stairway wall because that would "ground" the space and create some much  needed contrast between the wall, ceiling and floor color.  Right now it's too "same" or in designer terms, monochromatic.

As to color for the accent wall, I'd opt for a warm shade of brown - not as dark as chocolate, but more in the mocha family - something that blends with the warm butter tone on the walls and ceiling.  If you lean toward a reddish tone, be aware that deep colors such as red or red/orange often take multiple layers to get the exact shade you see on the swatch.  I wouldn't paint the ceiling a different color.  The hallway wall "could" be painted the same as the accent wall, blending the two areas by color.  That's a decision you'll have to make.  

Red/orange or mocha browns are complementary colors to the pale yellow and are both in the warm family.  Either will work for you.  

Best wishes on your painting project.  


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