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I just moved in to a new house and am in the process of removing some very hideous wallpaper in several rooms. The problem is that I cannot at this point afford to replace the carpet, so I need to find paint colors that harmonize well with rust red and kind of a yellowish sage green carpet. Any suggestions? The rooms to be repainted are about the size of a small bedroom (12' x 12', roughly).
In addition, I am in the process of redoing the bathroom, which has peach tile with black trim (ugh!). The tiles must also stay. I was considering painting the walls above the tile a neutral off-white or beige but adding medium or thin horizontal stripes in a pale peach color. The bathroom is very small, (6' x 6', maybe). I am concerned that while horizontal stripes would add height to the room, they might also make it seem narrower and claustrophobic. My final question involves the upstairs, which is a half-story with slopes on both sides of the ceiling. When I paint it, should I paint all the way up to the flat part of the ceiling or leave the slopes white also? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry I cannot send pictures and that makes your task more difficult. Thank-you so much for your time and suggestions.

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your questions.  You are tackling a huge job, and I have to say good for you!  The sweat equity you're putting into your new house will pay you huge dividends later, plus you'll be able to sit back and know you did this yourself.  Way to go!

Since you can't replace carpet, keep the walls neutral.  That doesn't mean white or off-white, just a "typical" shade of any color you want.  With the rust red, you might use taupe or putty.  Just keep it in a light to medium shade.  In the area with sage green, you may opt to paint the walls in a very similar shade to the carpet.  That will take the emphasis off the carpet, and make the room appear larger at the same time.

Now the bath.  Since you can't remove the tiles, you might consider looking into having them painted.  Check with your local painters and get an estimate on having the entire tiled area sprayed.  It may not cost that much, and then take it from there.  If you paint the walls with the tiles as is, then use white or off-white (whatever your other fixtures are) and add the horizontal stripes in the peach.  Add big fluffy towels (white or off-white to match the wall) a shower curtain in the same white and then play up the peach with accessories.

A note here:  horizontal striping makes a room look larger in width, not height.  If you want to add height to the room, you would do vertical stripes.

For the upstairs, I would leave as much "ceiling" area as possible.  Use the ceiling color down the sloped walls will make the room appear larger.

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