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QUESTION: I need to know of a way/technique to paint my 'lovely light blue' carpet. I can not bring my living room/dinning room area together in a color scheme and need help. For some odd reason the previous ouners of our house thought that pink and blue would ge agreat combination for the main living areas in the house and We do not have the $ to replace it. Help! please.

ANSWER: I have never heard of painting carpet. I do know that regular paint would definitly ruin the carpet and make it hard! Perhaps there is a dye..I really do not know! What is under the carpet...concrete, wood floors?? If so, pull up the carpet and use area rugs. When money permits you can refinish the wood floors or have the concrete polished.  Hope that helps!


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QUESTION: Thank you but we have thought of pulling the carpet and the ugly truth is that there is only unfinished concrete floors.
Tell me , do you think fabric dye in a carpet cleaning machine may help and set with out dying anything else?

I wish I could answer your question about dying your carpet but I just have no experiance with that nor have I heard of anyone ever doing that. As far as your unfinished concrete floors, you could contact a patterned concrete company and ask them for a quote on acid etching and polishing your concrete. They can make concrete look beautiful!


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